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Counselling Services - We are here to help.

Here at Eagle Ridge, we provide our clients with a safe space to develop skills that will aid them in discovering and uncovering their personal resources. Our goal is to support clients as they take steps to living their lives in a more fulfilling way.  Through the use of a number of therapeutic approaches, we focus on meeting a client where they are emotionally and cognitively.  We support them through the integration of their past experiences with their current challenges and successes. 

Why horses?

Horses have a powerful role in healing and assisting people in feeling alive. They use all of their senses fully, including their ability to read the inner state of another. They are social and respond warmly as humans become increasingly in touch with their emotions. Their attentiveness to the present state of a human has the capacity to heal old wounds through the bond of connection in the here and now.

Reconnecting to your true self

In today's age of technology, many of us have lost some vital pieces of ourselves through our diminished connection to nature.  Eagle Ridge aspires to assist our clients in reawakening their connection to nature and self, with new hope for the future.

Our Influences

Many insightful and amazing professionals have helped to inspire our programs. Trainers such as Mark Rachid, Linda Kohenov, and Buck Brannaman teach us about the strong relationship between horses and humans through relational horsemanship methods. The study of horses and their desire and willingness to be a part of the healing process offers our programs a vivid insight into the therapeutic process. The study of mindfulness and its application to mental health (Daniel Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn , and others)  is integrated into all of Eagle Ridge's programs . Environmental educators, such as Richard Louv, Jon Young and others have influenced our programs by reawakening the value of the deep interconnections between our own health and well being and that of the planet. Eagle Ridge programs are continually adapting in order to provide the best possible services to their clients.

Therapists & Partners

Jennifer Friesen - Certified Counsellor & Wellness Support Provider


Jennifer has worked caring for animals and people for most of her life. She completed the Applied Counselling Program at the University of Manitoba and has worked with adults and young people in numerous supportive roles. Jennifer supports her community as a Mental Health professional every day through focused training in such areas as Mental Health First Aid First Nations, Addictions Awareness Training, Crisis Response Planning and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. Jennifer most recently participated in play and art therapy training, which has become a complement to her individualized support planning. 

The Equine Facilitated Wellness aspect of the services Jennifer offers at Eagle Ridge have been a wonderful complementary addition for improved mental health and well-being for many clients. Her Equine Facilitated Wellness certification training continues to develop with the support of Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada trainers and mentors at Generation Farms in Nanaimo, BC. http://www.generationfarms.ca/.

Jennifer has also received training from the University of Guelph in Horse Behavior and Safety. 

Jennifer is currently working with Equestrian Canada in the areas of ethical decision making and coaching. She continues to attend classes at the 

University of Manitoba as she pursues her psychotherapy degree.

Jennifer is the owner and Manager of Eagle Ridge Ranch and Wellness Centre in the beautiful rural setting of Stuartburn, Manitoba. This is where she and her husband have lived for a decade. They have many furry family members including horses, donkeys, and of course the cat supervisors. 

Jennifer looks forward to continuing to build a support network and specialized programming that offers clients the services they require to live happier, more fulfilling lives. It is an honor for Eagle Ridge Wellness to be able to provide services to this community.

Janelle Cancade-White, Peer Support Provider & Counsellor


Janelle Cancade-White is a PSACC Certified Peer Support Provider and a graduate of the University of Manitoba Applied Counselling Certification Program. She owns a private practice, heartSway Counselling and Peer Support, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Janelle regularly supports and offers  consultation with Eagle Ridge Ranch and Wellness Centre, 

their clients and community.  

Visit Janelle's website at http://janelleheartsway.weebly.com/

Green Pastures Farm - Leah Bouchard, Equine Professional


Pastures has been providing individualized equine programming for youth in the area since 2012. They have a strong focus on meaningful and safe horsemanship while individualizing their approach to every unique person who participates in their program. We partner with them to offer our horsemanship workshops and group programming for youth.

Please visit the website at http://pasturesequinelearning.com/

Services Available

2019 Schedule of Events

Discovering Equine Facilitated Wellness - Half Day Retreat

 This half day workshop is designed to introduce participants to the important role horses play in healing. We will discuss ways to find balance in the supportive opportunities that horses can provide. There will be demonstrations as well as individual and group learning opportunities. This time will offer participants new skills that support healthier, more respectful relationships. There will also be time for group debriefing, supporting the emotional aspects of 

the EFW experiences.  

Connections: Nature, Horses and Wellness - Half Day Retreat

This workshop will include an introduction to Equine Facilitated Wellness and the role horses play in healing. There will be individual and group experiences that will offer opportunities to learn new skills that support healthier, more fulfilling relationships. 

Nature-based learning opportunities will also be included in the workshop that will include art and small project ideas to reawakening a connection to nature.

*This particular workshop is also offered as a six to eight-week program series for young people that builds upon each sequential session. 

Please contact Eagle Ridge for further details.

Self Care - Caring for the Caregiver Half Day Retreat

 This half day retreat will allow participants to gain an improved understanding around compassion fatigue and how it affects us all. We will develop our awareness around where we can be mindful of its presence, as well as where to look for supports.  Strategies for managing the stressors when they arrive, and what we can do to minimize their impact in the moment 

will also be highlighted.


Detailed information on Eagle Ridge presentations and workshops are here for review and download. Further information is available upon request. 

Files coming soon.

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Agape House Women's Shelter: 204-346-0028

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Child Find Manitoba: 1-800-523-9135

Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1-877-977-0007

Farm & Rural Stress Line (www.ruralstress.ca): 1-866-367-3276

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Manitoba Poison Control: 1-204-787-2591

Men's Resource Centre: 1-866-672-3422

Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-617-7715

Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1-800-267-7270

Suicide & Crisis Line: 1-877-435-7170

Youth Emergency Stabilization Unit: 1-204-949-4777


Health Links Info-Santé: 1-888-315-9257

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Mental Health Access: 204-346-7018

FASD Coordinator: 204-346-7039

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Manitoba Addictions Helpline: 1-855-662-6605

24-Hour Problem Gambling Helpline Toll-Free: 1-800-463-1554

Al-Anon - Steinbach: 204-326-1172 or Ste. Anne: 204-422-5696

Provincial Drug Programs: 1-800-297-8099